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Loved Alia Bhatt’s party looks she wore with Ranbir Kapoor and Raha to celebrate Christmas


Alia Bhatt’s party looks.Christmas is not only a time for happiness, love, and celebration, but it is also an occasion for our favourite celebrities to showcase their perfect sense of style.

This is because Christmas is a time when people are celebrating. Every one of these statements is accurate. During the holiday season, the Bollywood power couple Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, together with their close buddy Raha, enjoyed the holiday season by attending a spectacular party. Raha was also present at the party. Moreover, Raha was present at the occasion as well.

Alia Bhatt’s party looks

At the same time that the festivities were taking place, Raha was also there. This celebratory event was not an exception to the rule that Alia’s dress choices have been a topic of conversation throughout the years owing to the fact that they have been a subject of discussion.

On the contrary, this event was not an exception to the norm. As we explore how Alia Bhatt’s party looks, spent Christmas in a beautiful manner with Ranbir Kapoor and Raha, we are going to go into the wonderful world of party apparel that Alia Bhatt wears.


At first glance, the look is one of timeless elegance, with red velvet serving as the embellishment.

A red velvet gown that was not just timeless but also intriguing was the choice that Alia Bhatt chose to wear during the first segment of the Christmas celebration.

The lovely figure that she had was accentuated out by the clothing that she wore. Both the elaborate design of the gown and the short train contributed to the dramatic effect that her presence produced on the audience.

The gown was worn off the shoulder, and it had a short train. The gown emanated an elegance that had stood the test of time, and when it was matched with a set of magnificent earrings and a clean haircut, it served as the ideal compliment to the bright and joyful ambiance.

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Ranbir Kapoor, who is known for maintaining a simple sense of style, opted to wear a black suit that was tailored to his body, which exhibited the ideal combination of elegance and appeal from him.

He made the decision to wear this suit since he is known for his easygoing sense of style. Together, the two people assumed a stance that could only be described as royal, so laying the groundwork for a night that would be filled with nothing but love and joy throughout the whole of the evening.

The second look is a fanciful combination that is great for enjoying the midnight hour. It is composed of white and gold.

At precisely the moment when the clock struck midnight, Alia Bhatt’s appearance was changed into a playful outfit comprising of white and gold. You did a wonderful job at capturing the spirit of the season with this ensemble that you put together. As a result of this airy gown that had exquisite gold embroidery, the activities that were taking place were imbued with a sense of enchantment.

This event was picture-perfect because Alia’s cheerful grin and laid-back attitude matched the lovely attire, which created the great background. Together, these elements made the occasion picture-perfect. When it came to the event, everything was just wonderful.

Alia’s alluring beauty was accentuated by Ranbir Kapoor’s choice to wear a tuxedo in a dark blue colour. This was an excellent choice for Ranbir Kapoor, who is known for his impeccable sense of style.

Alia’s attractiveness was heightened by Ranbir Kapoor’s choice. In the course of the duration that they were enjoying the enchantment of Christmas, the couple emanated warmth and love, which resulted in the construction of emotions that are certain to be cherished for a considerable amount of time in the future.

The Raha collection, which is distinguished by its zany designs and splashes of colour, is included in the third look.

During the celebrations, Raha, who is a close friend of Alia Bhatt, took part in the festivities and produced a sudden burst of enthusiasm with her clothing, which was both humorous and gorgeous. One of the things that was done was to add a pleasant twist to the celebrations, which was already a fantastic twist in and of itself.


The apparel that Raha wore was full of colourful patterns and glimpses of colour, and it was the ideal way to capture the atmosphere of pleasure and mirth that made its way throughout the setting. Alia, Ranbir, and Raha, the three people that made up the group, had a beautiful synergy of style that we found to be rather impressive.

The party had an incredible synergy of style, which was shown by the fact that each member of the three added their own distinctive flare to the event.

Alia was not only wearing a stylish jumpsuit that included understated sequin accents, but she also did a good job of integrating elements of glamour and comfort in her ensemble.

The jumpsuit that Alia wore, which she coupled with accessories that made a statement and a high ponytail, was a fantastic illustration of the flexibility that she has in the area of design.

With the intention of preserving his sophisticated image, Ranbir Kapoor made the choice to wear a jacket and pants that were a wonderful compliment to the enthusiastic energy of the event. He did this in order to keep his sophisticated image.

A few ideas to draw to a close

The attire that Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, and Raha wore to the Christmas party was a wonderful illustration of how elegance, charm, and the pleasure of the holiday season can be perfectly matched without sacrificing any of these qualities. Taking a glance at the outfit that Raha donned, it was very stunning to consider.

Alia expertly traversed the spectrum of styles with elegance and poise by wearing a variety of garments, ranging from traditional red velvet to ethereal white and gold, as well as one-of-a-kind designs with bursts of colour. She donned a wide variety of clothes, ranging from airy dresses to crimson velvet.

Throughout the celebration, which was filled with love and laughter, the couple’s magnetic chemistry was shown, as was the pleasure that they bring to each and every event. The party was a success.

Although the holiday costumes that Alia Bhatt has chosen to wear serve as a source of inspiration for fashion aficionados and lovers alike,

they also serve as a source of encouragement as we say goodbye to another year.

She not only embodied the spirit of the season with each and every outfit, but she also left an indelible stamp on the landscape of fashion with each and every one of them. She was a fashion icon.

This is something that cannot be refuted to any degree. The only thing we can do is hope that Alia Bhatt will continue to wow us with her stunning beauty and the incredible experiences she has had over the course of the next year.

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