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Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom(2023)

Given all the controversy surrounding Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, it’s easy to forget just how successful the first film in the franchise was. This is because the premiere of the picture is becoming closer and closer. Meanwhile, James Wan’s 2018 visionary film Aquaman was able to attract audiences from all around the world, earning $1.148 billion worldwide.

The superhero flick has received some very negative reviews. Based on user reviews posted on Rotten Tomatoes, Aquaman currently has a 66. The Jason Momoa–led superhero flick Aquaman continues to draw in a large, dedicated fan base that is sure it ranks among the best superhero movies of all time.

The most jaded Aquaman fans would likely credit James Wan’s signature style as the main reason they like the film, given that it stands out from the crowd. In a world where superhero movies tend to blend together, Aquaman manages to distinguish out with his own flair. As seen in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, if given the opportunity to apply his distinctive vision once again, Wan may perhaps create the best superhero film of that era. Which is why I think Wan has a good chance of pulling this off.

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Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom – DETHRONING THE KING

Everyone is talking about Zack Snyder and his controversial work on DCEU heroes like Batman and Superman. This is due to the fact that they spark the greatest amount of debate. Keep in mind that these two heroes have represented DC for a very long time. According to the statistics, Aquaman was more popular than both of those characters in the DCEU.

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The box office performance of Aquaman shows that it is the most financially successful DCEU picture by a considerable margin. Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice took second place, earning almost $250 million less than James Wan’s massive action-adventure picture set in a fantastical universe. Aquaman wasn’t the true ruler of the DCEU, and that’s saying something delicately. Alternatively, several arguments attempt to depose the monarch in the events before Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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Suckers have complained about the picture Aquaman a lot, but one of the most persistent issues is that it features Amber Heard. Actress Amber Heard, who portrayed Mera in the original film, is demanding that Wan and company remove Johnny Depp from the project after she was falsely accused in her highly famous trial. this would likely be a challenging task for the director to do, because he had filmed many scenes with Heard prior to the trial commencement.

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But it’s clear that things won’t turn out well for Arthur Curry and his half-brother Orm Marius (Patrick Wilson). Even though they’re finally getting along after the intense family feud in the last film, they still have to face a scary familiar face.

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom – Black Manta’s Revenge

Part of Black Manta’s enduring influence from the first film came from Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s portrayal of the character, which was just as important as the character’s really incredible appearance. The next film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will include Black Manta as the main adversary. Conversely, a major story point that debuted in the comics appears to have been the film’s cause of even more controversy.

It was revealed on the morning of 2023 that some people departed the cinema during the test screenings of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. This led many to believe, incorrectly, that the film was not excellent. However, fresh speculation suggests that viewers tuned out after a disturbing scene involving Black Manta. Supposedly, this script has been approved.

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In keeping with what the villain did in the comics, this most recent theory claims that Wan scarred some of Aquaman’s followership by having Black Manta murder Aquababy in the film. New rumour suggests that Wan may have done so, adding fuel to the fire that the second Aquaman picture isn’t as good as the first. Since Aquababy was part of the approved caravan for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, this story may be true.

In light of this disturbing scenario from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, it’s not out of the question that some followers were so divided about the issue that they let

They had no choice but to go. Anyone may have been caught aback by the abrupt appearance of such a caliginous scene in a superhero film.While this may be the case, it doesn’t mean that Wan’s latest picture is bad in any way. 


This kind of special effects in an Aquaman film would only be attempted by Wan. Bear in mind that he’s the brains behind some of Hollywood’s most beloved horror franchises, like Insidious, Saw, and The Conjuring Universe. Wan is no stranger to making audiences nervous and has a history of working on contentious films; thus, it may be for the best that he isn’t afraid to take bold risks potential opponents To the monarch

In view of the above, it’s plausible that the disputes that seem to be separating people from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom aren’t as big as they seem.

This means that, if they fully immerse themselves in Wan’s visionary macrocosm, Aquaman may conceivably be the most provocative and emotionally impactful superhero film of its time.

Right now, it seems like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 are the two films that might be seen as serious contenders for the award. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits cinemas on December 20, 2023, and given Wan’s history in Hollywood, it’s plausible that he will once again baffle audiences worldwide.

I hope you like watching!

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