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Shaitaan Movie Review 2024

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Shaitaan Movie Review

Shaitaan Movie is a psychological thriller directed by Bejoy Nambiar. The story revolves around a group of people trapped in a tall building during a storm.

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Tensions rise, dark secrets and past hurts are revealed, and a compelling story of life and betrayal unfolds. The film delves into themes of morality, sin and redemption, and its twists and turns will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

In Dehradun, chartered accountant Kabir has a happy life with his wife Jyoti and kids Dhruv and Janhvi.

To spend quality time together, they arrange a weekend escape to their farmhouse in a secluded hill town. While having lunch at a wayside restaurant along the way, they run across a man named Vanraj. He offers to pay for their tea, so they invite him to sit at their table. He offers Janhvi a laddu. Following her consumption, Janhvi has an odd feeling inside of her and is compelled to follow Vanraj’s instructions at any costs. Vanraj offers Janhvi a packet of biscuits in secret before they depart, telling her to start eating them as soon as they get at the farmhouse.

Shaitaan Movie Review

Shaitaan Movie Review

When Janhvi gets to the farmhouse, she eats the biscuits and sits with her family by the pool. Vanraj claims that his phone’s battery has gone out and requests permission to stay for a while when he finally arrives at the property. When his phone’s battery is fully charged, he announces he’s going to leave.

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Although Kabir lets him stay, Jyoti isn’t convinced and wants to know how he found out where their property is. When Dhruv asks to play with him, Vanraj gives Janhvi the command to scare him. When Janhvi jumps on the swing with him and swings rapidly, Dhruv gets afraid. Janhvi is reprimanded by Jyoti and Kabir for frightening Dhruv.

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Janhvi does everything Vanraj says she should: she smiles, sobs, smashes her parents’ phones, consumes raw tea leaves, slaps her father, and hits her brother’s head against a piece of wood. After a while, the cops show up at the farmhouse and report that they received a call claiming to be in danger. Vanraj was unaware that Jyoti had used a different cell phone to covertly contact the police.

Vanraj has told Janhvi to stay in the kitchen and blow up the gas cylinder if anyone tries to tell the police the truth, so Kabir and Jyoti are unable to approach the police for assistance. They tell the police their son called for fun and that he is sleeping in his room, but in actuality Vanraj has given them instructions to stay in their room.

Shaitaan Movie Review

Vanraj is asked to leave and save Janhvi’s life by Kabir, who also offers to give him a large sum of money. Taking the money with him, Vanraj says yes to the offer and walks out. But Kabir and Jyoti discover that Janhvi is still under Vanraj’s spell and hasn’t gone back to her usual self. Vanraj had burned all of the money that Kabir gave him, and as they run to call him back, they find him standing at the front door.


Once more entering the house, he gives Janhvi instructions to continuously slap herself. He then gives her the instruction to keep dancing to the music, which wears her out. Vanraj gives her the command to sever Jyoti’s throat with a knife, which causes Jyoti to retreat while Jyoti tries to console her.

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