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Houseful Movie For Available You Tube 2010

Directed by Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala cooperated to produce the 2010 Indian Hindi comedy drama Houseful Movie. Anvita Dutt penned the film’s dialogue, Nadiadwala wrote the plot, and Rameshwar S. Bhagat edited it. Houseful Movie It was released as the first book in the Housefull franchise.

Houseful Movie For Available You Tube


The narrative centers on Aarush, an unfortunate employee at a casino who makes money by assisting others who lose poker games. He is in love with Pooja, but after she rejects his marriage proposal, her older brother punches him and tells him to keep away from her. Aarush travels to London and spends a while with Bob, his closest friend, and his wife Hetal. Bob works with his wife at a casino owned by Kishore Samtani.

He is a romantic and devoted husband and wife. Aarush turns out to be a good-hearted man searching for a family, despite Hetal’s initial displeasure with his presence. The decision is made by Bob and Hetal to marry him to Devika Samtani, the daughter of their boss. Houseful Movie


Sandy immediately believes that Aarush is a pervert, but after learning—as a joke—that Aarush is a widower and that his wife passed away on the day of their honeymoon from Aakhri Pasta, the owner of Italy’s “biggest” hotel—where Aarush was spending his honeymoon with Devika, Sandy starts to warm up to him and gradually begins to fall in love.

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She is unaware that Pasta was really kidding. Aarush gives Bob and Hetal a call in Italy and informs them of everything. Housefull Movie For Available You Tube.  After Aarush’s “wife” passed away, Sandy tells them that she assisted him. However, they both believe that Aarush had lied to Sandy about the deceased wife. Later, after meeting Devika, Aarush requests divorce papers, which caus one of the Houseful Movie.

Aarush’s older brother, Major Krishna Rao, an Indian Military Intelligence officer who is too protective of his sister and a severe man, must be persuaded if Aarush and Sandy are to marry. In the meantime, in an attempt to finally meet Bob after all these years, Hetal tells her father, Batuk Patel, that they have a child and that Bob has a mansion. However, Sandy informs her brother that Aarush is also doing fairly well.Then, in order to convince Hetal’s father that Bob is the owner, the four are compelled to rent a mansion.

Because of the confusion, Batuk unintentionally thinks that Bob is the cook and Aarush is married to Hetal. Houseful Movie They introduce an African child and act as though it is.

Houseful Movie For Available You Tube

The four have to pretend that Bob owns the mansion for half of the term, and for the other half, Aarush is the owner. Aarush’s sister Hetal and brother-in-law Bob are Aarush’s pseudo parents, Batuk and the Landlady. Going to the casino after exchanging his suitcase with Kishore Samtani, an extremely wary Krishna does so. Then Bob and Hetal are working at the casino when Krishna spots them, and they immediately run away from him.

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Then, in order to discover the truth, Krishna employs a lie detector on Aarush. However, Sandy steps in and uses the detector to show how much he loves her, and Krishna pardons them. Houseful Movie For Available You Tube The Queen invites the entire family to the Royal Palace to witness.

In the meantime, the two workers contain the gas and everyone regains consciousness. Aarush thinks his engagement with Sandy is over when he goes on stage to tell Krishna the truth about his bad luck. However, Krishna commands Aarush and Sandy to get married since he thinks Aarush is no longer a cursed loser. Ultimately, Batuk moves in with Hetal and Bob, and Aarush’s fortunes improves when he marries the landlady. Aarush declares that nobody is a loser following a song. I hope red about Houseful Movie For Available You Tube.


Jiah Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, Arjun Rampal, Lara Dutta, Deepika Padukone, and Akshay Kumar are among the film’s stars. Boman Irani, Chunky Pandey, Randhir Kapoor, Lillete Dubey, and Malaika Arora make up the supporting cast, while Jacqueline Fernandez makes an appearance in an item number. One of the is  Houseful Movie For Available You Tube.

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