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Munawar Faruqui Suffers Mental Break Down After Ex-GF
Ayesha Khan Enters BIGG BOSS 17

Bigg Boss 17 Weekend ka Vaar 1

Bigg Boss 17 producers are doing everything to keep viewers
engaged. Recently, the producers included Munawar Faruqui’s
purported ex-girlfriend Ayesh Khan as a wild card.

The influencer will join the programme and confront the comic for two-timing and lying, as shown in previews. She made significant accusations
against him in a viral interview before her admission rumours broke.

Several days ago, the creators released another video showing
Ayesha demanding an apology from the comic.

In Salman Khan’snext episode, she will join the house as a wild card following K-popstar Aoora.

Scroll down for information.

Another Munawar Faruqui breakdown video was released via the
channel’s social media page. The commercial begins with Ayesha
Khan questioning Munawar over her entrance. After talking, the
comic has a breakdown.

For the unfamiliar, Ayesha accused him of
double dating while dating Nazila. When confronted, he apologises
and admits fault.
Ayesha Khan says, “You told me you broke up with Nazila but you
have been talking about it so loudly on the show. What was wrong
with me? Before entering the concert, you told me you love me and
want to spend time with me. I would not have spoken out if it were
just me and her, but so many other women are involved.”
Munawar Faruqui defends himself by saying, “I said I’m sorry for
lying to you. To hide the split, I pretended to be dating her. I told
you I loved you and never cheated.”

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The Triangle Munawar Faruqui, Ayesha Khan and Mannara

InShot 20231217 182040314 scaled 2

Bigg Boss 17 has made headlines for several intriguing reasons. In
the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan chastised
Abhishek Kumar for his unethical actions and praised Isha Malviya
for her elegance.

While participants work hard to be relevant and
active to obtain the most votes, their private lives are openly
publicised outside the game.

Don’t think about it—we’re talkingabout Munawar Faruqui, a serious competitor. Yes, you heard properly!

The stand-up comedian’s private life has been much debated,
especially after his appearance on Kangana Ranaut’s Lock Upp. At
that time, he revealed that he was divorced and parenting his child
with his ex-wife. His love relationship with Nazila Sitaishi was
revealed after some time, and they continued to send romantic

Ayesha Khan, an online star, is believed to have made serious
accusations against Bigg Boss 17 contestant Mannara Chopra.
Khan’s connection with competitor Chopra is growing. Yes, you
heard properly! Ms. Khan grew to like the Bigg Boss 17 contestant
after being called for a music video. During their second meeting, he
informed her, “I love you.” Her most recent interview, in which she
did not identify herself, revealed this.

Ayesha Khan then revealed that before starting a new relationship
with the Bigg Boss 17 contender, she had asked him whether any
other women in his life would be affected. When he clearly said
“NO,” she thought everything was settled.

Many online users supported Munawar Faruqui and denounced the
severe PR effort against him when the video went viral. One user
said, “Negative Pr at its absolute best…” Continue… I am a Munawar
and Phir bhi nhi Hara pavoge.”Someone paid for damaging PR and
propaganda against #MunawarFaruqui using his parents’ money
“said another.
Another said, “This khabri is looking for attention.” If you want to be
a BB competitor, Munawar ka tou naam hi nahi. Others may yell
munawar, but you guys utter it alone.

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Weekend Ka Vaar On Abhishek Kumar

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Salman Khan hosts again. Karan Johar replaced Bigg Boss 17’s host
on Weekend Ka Vaar last weekend. The upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar
has started attracting fans with commercials since yesterday. This
should be exciting. In another commercial, the presenter slammed
Abhishek Kumar for his abusive treatment of his ex-girlfriend Isha
Another wild card competitor, K-pop artist Aoora, will join the fight
this weekend. Salman will chastise Abhishek on Weekend Ka Vaar

for making a sexist joke about his ex-girlfriend Isha Malviya. Even
more, he deems him the “most fake contestant.”

Angry Salman Khan criticises Abhishek Kumar on Weekend Ka Vaar
for being the show’s “most nakli contestant” and questioning why
he should win. I don’t know why Abhishek’s past is dramatic. Try as
you may, you can’t control your emotions or willpower.

Salman Khan tells Abhishek Kumar he wants approval from
everyone. How can I help, Isha? I don’t know how to help you or
myself…”To be serious, say “Main aako nichod deta”.

Internet users immediately divided once the video went viral. Some
criticised Abhishek Kumar, while others defended him. “It would be
really great if producers were able to tell when someone is posing
for the camera, controversial or otherwise expressing themselves,”
one individual said. It is difficult to see someone merely yell and act
aggressively for the sake of filming.

“Isha began. Just answered, Abhishek. He’s tolerated this foolish
girl for days. Another commenter said enough.

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